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So, you have just finished school, and you think that the world lies at your feet? Right you are, since a whole bunch of opportunities is waiting for you. What a unique chance, but where to turn, you wonder. Why not try Edumondi, the renowned butler school?

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You have become an expert when it comes to interpreting the work of Keats, you dispose of three languages, yet everyday things, such as filling out the tax rebate form or which insurance you need, pose a problem to you. You shiver when you think of your next – or first – job interview? Welcome to the club, there are thousands of people in the same position. But you can do something about your career, just take the first step.

Becoming a butler or a butleresse – the allrounder education

If you decide to take a master class at Edumondi you will learn a lot. Not just those everyday things that are waiting in the world outside your cocoon, but also lots of things that form the base of success, with all that it implies. So, this class will be beneficial in both ways you will profit concerning your private progress, and you will learn quite a lot about such things as etiquette or dress codes, the right way to enter the business world and how to apply successfully. But this is only the start. You will learn about the world of luxury, too, about the origin, preparation and presentation of food and drinks. You will learn what the tasks of a barista are, how to mix the best cocktails, what brands of whisky and cigars are the finest and so much more. Does that sound tempting? Why not go for this world, a whole new world, then?


Service is key

You will soon realize that service is key, it is the magic word. Whatever you ill do in later life, service will pop up at every corner, you will have to deal with clients, some of them easy, some of them highly demanding. the butler school offers you the chance to be a true allrounder. This training does not only provide you some new and useful skills, but is also a very nice part to adorn your CV. You are between school and life, use this opportunity and start building your career, get in touch with the right people. Now is your personal anything goes time!

What are my options?

School as such is kind of a cocoon. You were in the happy position of not having to worry where your path will lead you. Yet, most probably you have mentally worked your way through various options. What perspective will suit you best, where do you have realistic chances? This phase is both exciting and demanding, but if you have the right steps in mind that will serve as career building elements you do not yet have to decide for any job.

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Be a universalist instead! Edumondi is the place for people like you, curious and open to almost every possible professional path. What you will get as part of the package is your “universalist kit” that implies flexibility, empathy, excellent manners. If you go for these, you build a solid base for you future path – without any pressure.

Getting to know exotic worlds

You may not yet know where the wind will take you. What sort of branch is yours, you wonder. Is it going to be gastronomy, the world of hotels. services in general, travelling, event management? Do you want to be your own boss one day? Whatever you envisage this butler school helps build a solid foundation for any job you desire. You will be a true allrounder who will be unfathomed by whatever challenge. You will become a person who keeps cool under all conditions, who will grasp structures and systems easily, and adopt with ease. The Edumondi-training is perfect for you since you will play different roles. Forget the student of yesterday, you are about to enter the realm of professionals. And you will be able to deal with chances and challenges as though you have never done anything else. Now is the time – make the best of it!

Any questions? Go ahead!

Send us an email to office(a)edumondi.com or call us under +49 (04141) 788301.

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