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Rent a Butler – and any event will be that much more exclusive!

You definitely know that people judge you by the social events you organize and offer to your guests. It must be said that an event is kind of a visitor´s card that clearly shows what you have achieved in life. So, why not enhance your domestic party, event or other social activity by renting a butler? For one thing, a butler is a nice surprise, providing a touch of class and nostalgia to anything you may think of. The door opens, and he – or she for that matter – smiles at your guests. Surprise, surprise!

An unforgettbale wedding or dinner party

Veranstaltung ServiceWhatever you are planning for the near future, you should consider making use of a butler service. Imagine your guests standing in animated groups, attended to by a discreet, yet observant person. Glasses clink, laughter is heard – and there is an element of style in the air. Your wedding party, a gallery opening or just a gathering of friends will get an additional note that says “This is unforgettable!”. A butler is the icing on an already wonderful cake – as you will see and enjoy watching as the host.

White gloves, but also a practical help

The butler is here to enhance your party, but he or she may also be of real help before the party actually starts. You may turn to this service if you need a practical, experienced person who is able to set up all those bothersome “to do” lists that you secretly fear. Leave it to the butler who has not only been trained to serve glasses of champagne but who knows a lot about how to organize and run a household. How come that this person is so talented and multi-facetted? It is easy: He or she has undergone a training at Edumondi that covers it all – catering as well as working out the shopping beforehand, waiting on your guests – and being at your side in case you start getting nervous and panicky before the party starts.

Rent a Butler – it is so easy

img_0220If such a multi-tasking kind of person sounds like paradise to you, but you think that you cannot afford employing him or her: Do not worry. The butler may come to your house when you need him or her – just once, or once a month or on a permanent base. It is up to you, but be sure, you will get used to this discreet helper in the background. Just imagine for a moment how your life will change. From now on, all those nerve wrecking moments will be gone, as you, know if need, be, there is always someone at your side. Catering, getting everything laid out in time, putting up the decoration, tidying up after the party (the horror of it all!): All this and much more will be handled in the nicest of company. Why don´t you make this dream come true – you definitely deserve it!

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