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Edumondi – we hire characters and train skills

The right person for your household. If you are looking for a professional person that you will having like around you, we are more than sure that we have the right man or woman for you. What we do is not just train future butlers but make sure that their individuality is kept. So, you will find that a butler or the female counterpart – butleresse – we send you will be an asset and definitely be more than just a servant.

At our recruitment agency, we place the emphasis on pleasing both sides. It is you who counts, your needs and requirements, but it is also the butler that we care about. The result is a match made in heaven.

More than a friendly smile

AhadiIf you make use of our agency you will find open ears and open minds. We are fully aware that hiring a butler is quite a considerable step you take. So, we will deal with your background, the cultural setting that you are used to. We will, in a nutshell, listen to you. This process might take a little, but it is the first step towards finding the perfect match for you, a person who has is all: charm, good manners, attentiveness, and a lot of other skills that he or she has learned at our academy. We have the image of an allrounder in mind, no less. The “all” in allrounder is a set of talents and characteristics that you will find both pleasant and useful. You will hire a helping hand with a distinctive personality.

A professional education is the only way

At our recruitment agency, we take a thorough look at the applicants. Our requirements are high, just as yours. In the course of finding the right person for you the applicant will undergo a number of tests. At the end, we will know where to place him or her. So, the risk for you is low, as low as can be. But, let us face it, mistakes may occur. This is not the end of the world, though. If you are unhappy with the choice, you may turn to our recruitment agency straight away, and we will discuss matters. As you know, there is always a solution. And if by chance the first attempt turns out to a bit unfortunate, be sure, we know how to deal with it. An allrounder knows about cultural differences, too

pavlovSo, you can expect to be treated with the utmost of individuality. You count, and your life and your cultural background are highly praised. They form the very essence of your life, and this should by no means change. The butleresse should be a bonus to your life, and we see to it by all those steps we take to find the right person. Experience has shown that we usually have the right “nose” for our personnel. We have seen them go through a professional education that places the emphasis on adapting. This should not be mixed up with obedience. Our butlers are personalities, yet they know how and when to adapt to the surroundings. This is part of the game – a game that will please both sides. What you can expect is a nice extra for your life, a helping hand you will not want to go without – ever.

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