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May the party be a success

A festivity that satisfies everyone – the butler takes charge

Parties are something most people enjoy. Yet, if you are the host you might get over-excited before the event has even started. Why not make use of a professional and experienced butler – a Person who acts as the skilled conductor behind the scene?

The next ceremony is to become a true success. An event, say your daughter´s exam or your birthday, lies ahead. You want to invite all your friends and entertain them as best you can. You envisage a room full of people chatting amicably, clinking glasses, music in the background, a buffet. When you foresee yourself at the edge of your nerves, too, you should do something about the whole thing – the party and your role as the super nervous host. Enter the butler, a nice, well-mannered presence who will calm you down in no time. If that sounds like your idea of a really enjoyable party – why not go for your Butler – or butleresse, for that matter?

Doing the shopping, preparing the tables – no horror for you anymore!

Black tie waiter serving champagne outdoors.

Black tie waiter serving champagne outdoors.

A party, as you may well know, if you ever prepared one yourself, requires a lot of work that goes basically unnoticed. Providing the food for the guests, getting a good selection of drinks, doing the decoration and laying the tables, setting up a buffet – all of this is the prelude to the Party everyone will speak about. Stress, pure, as far as you are concerned? Now imagine something nice, getting the help of a household manager. You sit down with him or her, you lay out your plans and wishes. The butler will listen and make suggestions that sound like heaven to you. The basic message will sound as follows: “Do not worry, I will take care of it all, the shopping, the decoration, the crystal glasses”. If this is no heavenly music in your ears, what is?


The butler saved my day

Fotolia_91847528_sIf you have a certain amount of imgination you may now see your party to happen in a much more relaxed light. Your friendly household manager has taken notes, has come up with some impressive shopping lists, has made some additional suggestions as to the decoration and the lighting, and you feel as though the party has already begun. Actually, you cannot wait for it to begin. Let us now zoom to the event itself, so that you do not have to be patient. The guests arrive, full of anticipation, you greet some friends you have not seen in a while, you shake hands with other guests. And you are fully aware of the organisation behind the scene. You marvel at the beautifully laid out buffet, you see the crystal glasses, your household manager has provided, and you enjoy the music that suits the mood of the party perfectly. Heavenly? Yes, indeed!

A party that everybody will talk about

Party feiernEspecially if you are host to a more “official” type of event you may now relax and start enjoying the ceremony. What your guests see is a perfect “party machinery” that they cannot help but admire. You can literally sense the surprise on some guests´part. This is an unexpectedly perfect, fun, superb party! Your guests are bound to stay longer than they planned to do, because they know that something is different. This feat seems to have an invisible presence behind it. What might it be, they wonder. The answer is your butler, but this may remain your sweet little secret. What counts is that the party will be remembered by everyone present .

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