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 A world of luxury – to be experienced in eight weeks

If you decide to join one of the classes that Edumondi – the German butler school – offers you should be prepared to enter a number of micro-cosmoses that you may not have had access to so far.

But since all these places and venues will be your future workplaces you will be shown locations that are a far cry from a boring, non-descript office. So, get ready to see locations from inside other people only read about in glossy magazines. Since Edumondi is situated in Stade, which is pretty close to Hamburg, of course, you will gain access to some exquisite places that this “city of millionaires” has to offer.

Good contacts to the rich and famous

Villa2As a prticipant of our classes, you will be able to profit from our time-honoured contacts with some of the Hamburg “high society” and some families that are of world-wide fame. Hamburg is only a stone´s throw away from idyllic Stade, so all you have to do is get ready for your daily experience in some superb places we have chosen for you. And since there is no German experience without Berlin, a part of your Edumondi education will take part in Berlin, “the place to be”. All this may sound a bit stressful, but be sure, you will have plenty of time to explore Berlin – or Stade for that matter, which is definitely a little jewel situated in an idyllic landscape. At the end of your course, you will not only know a lot about the rich and the famous, but about Germany, too.

What is it going to be – a villa or a luxury hotel?

Hotel-Atlantic-KempinskiYou are quite ecxited now, we guess, and for a good reason. The locations that you will call your future workplace will be both exclusive and versatile. A villa, situated near the river Elbe may be your first training venue. A yacht may be the next. If this sounds exciting – be sure, it is! Hamburg features a number of consulates – and in Berlin many embassies are located. So an embassy may be one of your places of interest. What does it look like, what type of etiquette is required? In what respect does an embassy differ from a yacht or a cruise ship? Come on board, and find out yourself. In any case, what you will not experience is boredom!

All work and no fun?

Yes, this training is compact, this is the whole point. So, you will be confronted with a mealstrom of experiences, facts, faces, and impressions. But, be sure, there is ample leisure time, a time to relax, explore the surroundings and get to know your class-mates better. On Tuesday, a luxury hotel or a cruise ship may be on the agenda. But, on Tuesday night, it will be club or disco time. We regard your leisure time as part of the programme, since we know all about the merits of a Sound work and life balance. A whole bunch of experiences lies ahead of you!


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