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Edumondi is the only butler School in Germany.

If you are looking for a position as trainer – please do not hesitate to send us your application.

Our trainers are specialists in their topics – no matter if it is about service, household management, communication, etiquette & protocol or other issues.

All trainers have been chosen and examined thoroughly by EDUMONDI – regarding their special knowledge as well as to their ability to teach and Train adults.

Every trainer has to prove a professional experience in their area of expertise as well as a diploma of a established butlerschool.


Mrs. Kerstin Schmidt (born 1969), is responsible for personal management, application training processes, communication, etiqette & protocol, household management (part 2 – cleaning).

She cares for the good spirit in the house. She always amaze the students with her sense and ability for details.


Mr. Joerg Schmidt (born 1967), worked in the hospitality industry for over 25 years where he learned to cope with VIP´s. His passion for travelling, good service, excuisite food & beverage has lead him through work in various 5star hotels (Steigenberger, Louis C. Jacob) and in private service to found the butler school together with his wife.

He is responsible for education in food & beverage, table culture & services, household management (oeconomic part) and specific issues as Whisky & cigars, mixology.

Portrait of a gorgeous female artist working on several art projects on her studio

Francesca is our teacher in handcrafts, arts, history of arts and flower arrangements.

Her courses are very lively, exciting and full of lovely and thrilling stories around the world of luxury and wealth.


David is our head-butler and leads the students through the course with a high degree of “fingertip feeling”, energy and a good portion of humour. He teaches “the modern butler and technical aspects”, fleet management, chauffeur and valet

We will introduce further trainers in short term at this place.

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