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A housekeeping school provides more than mere skills

Meat in the pan flamed, restaurant kitchenIf you opt to become a butler or butleresse, you may at first think of waiting on people, of opening doors to guests,, taking people´s hats and coats. But a housekeeping school is something different, yet it is meant as a proper education that comprises of various aspects that will net you with a profound knowledge of how to run a household, smoothly and efficiently.

You will learn to take in provisions, plan social events on a larger scale and such things. If housekeeping sounds a bit boring to you right now, you will be surprised at the mass of things that you will learn in the course of the seminar – things that are far from boring, indeed.

Ever run out of farina?

When you enter the school you may expect to be taught the traditional values, such as using things sparingly. This is, as you will soon realise, slightly old-fashioned. You will learn to think out of the box of scrounging. Money may not be the topic in many cases, for your employers to be will have enough of it. What you will learn instead is the right way to apply your housekeeping knowledge in accordance with the given situation. You will learn that it is about buying the right things in due course and in adequate amounts. You will learn how to prevent from ever running out of anything, be it something as mundane as farina or eggs or caviar and champagne on the more luxurious side. Keeping an eye on the things that a household requires is one thing, planning events ahead and organising things is another Thing.

Being in charge of the personnel

Chambermaid carrying linen in hotel bedroom, low angle viewIf you have a future job as a buter and supervisor housekeeping will also include tasks such as controlling what other servants are doing. The chambermaid, if such a person is around, the cleaning woman, all those people need a certain amount of control and organisation that you might be in charge of. So, at this school you will learn a lot about planning ahead, putting yourself in other people´s shoes, even sometimes thinking on their behalf, and never tiring to aim for perfection. A nice foyer featuring striking bouquets of exotic flowers or baskets full of fruit, a clean staircase, the kitchen proper enough to eat from the floor – if this sounds like paradise to you and an aim worth striving for, you have definitely aimed for the right job.

A person to serve many sides

In your future job you will have to take a lot of responsibilties. If that pleases you all the better. But, if you do not yet feel fit for such a demanding task such as organising a whole household, do not worry. you will learn all kinds o things in detail, both in theory and in practice. Mastering the art of keeping a household is not built in one day, to use a proverb. You will have to gain a lot of practice, but you can be sure that you will gradually grow a sense of what has to be done first, and what things can wait. for a bit. In any case, if you think of a housekeepingschool as something that is restricted to girls or women, you had better think twice.

Imagine yourself as learning the skills of a future manager of the household, a person that your employer turns to and relies on and the personnel will trust and confide in. With these new insights in mind you may now feel you cannot wait to enter this housekeeping school!

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