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Education housekeeping

More than tidying up after the mess

If you opt for a butler training you may expect to learn a thing or two about how to run a household. On a small scale you know quite a bit about the topic, to be sure. You know how to do the shopping, plan ahead when expecting guests and so on. But there is definitely more to it. So as a future butler you will learn what an education housekeeping really means. You will learn to think big for one thing It is not going to be 10 guests, but maybe 20! Quite a challange is waiting for you.

Your future employer knows about money, too

Young woman and man discussing about business strategy in officeYou may get a job with a rich family or at some top restaurant. But you will realise that even the rich and famous – or in particular these people- have an eye on the expenses. And your part will be clear. You will be the one to look to the no waste part of the household.

Getting things purchased is one thing but getting things at the best price is another. Household management, you will come to realise, can be highly exciting. Getting in touch with suppliers, choosing the best, and be ready for a change anytime.

On a big or small scale

Fotolia_75103923_MOf you are in charge of your future employer´s household business you may think on a smaller scale. But if your future employer is a hotel your scope will have to adapt. Your education housekeeping prepares you to deal with big events or intimate events in equal measures. Your aim will always be to please your employer – by showing a top performance, the perfect household. Cleanliness matters as much as getting things organised and purchased. This is part of th news waiting for you.

A large field the household management

Even if you are an experienced housewife or -husband you will be surprised. All those aspects that count may be totally new to you. The education housekeeping may be revealing as to planning ahead, expecting the unexpected and being prepared for surprises. Your former small world is bound to expand, and you will profit for you private life, too. household management will become a term that you view with new eyes. All those decisions, calculations – they pose a challenge. Boring “household things” – no more, as far as you are concerned.

Chambermaid carrying linen in hotel bedroom, low angle view


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