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Curriculum household management

Anyone who works as a Butler (or: Butleresse), household Manager or housekeeper in a private household, an embassy, a luxury resort or on a cruise ship has to know not only his own stregnth and weaknesses. Furthermore she or he has to get acquainted with the capacities of each staff member he works with.

We assembled our curriculum very precisely. It is based on the knowledge of our teachers working in private households of UHNWI or in the hospitality industry for years. We want to give you a glimpse in our programme – at the same time we ask for your understanding not to be too detailed at this place. It is a pleasure for us to give you further information in a private talk.

Our students might learn – not only in theory – but deeply practical each and every position to be staffed in a household – starting with the gardening and care of the outer parts, the right care of porcellain, silverware, furniture and other precious issues – such as chandeliers – kitchen service, prepare food & beverages, planning events with VIP´s.

Chambermaid carrying linen in hotel bedroom, low angle view

The training program of EDUMONDI principally takes 10 weeks. After 8 weeeks our students might check their knowledge within a “light examination”. If you pass with distinction you may finish school earlier with a diploma and get a refund of the tuition fee.

Optionally you might prolong your stay for two weeks more so that your jour journey ends after 12 weeks. This might be a reasonable option for those studensts who are not firm with their learned skills yet.

Every costs during the butler education are included: Accomodation, full Provision, learning materials, travel expenses, field trips, the butler uniform and special shirts

Here is an excerpt from our extensive Curriculum:

  • Role of the modern Butler today technical and legal aspects, handle with Computers (Hard- and Software f.e. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint), special programs for project- or event management, office communication (Email, Fax, Scanner), “home Networks”, history, traditions, life and dealing with staff members from other cultures, daily standard procedures and routines, formal letters and invitations, correspondance with guests and suppliers via email or postal mail, presentations with powerpoint and projector,
  • Food & Beverage Knowledge “Barista”-know how, Cocktails & mixed drinks, plan, purchase and cook with the Chef, Wine & Champagne, Whisky and other spirits,
  • Table culture table rules, plan meals and organize, folding napkins, table decoration, service techniques, service styles, table manners, special occasions such as formal dinners, garden parties, cocktail evenings,
  • Household Management (part 1 – oeconomic aspects) set up checklists and plans, budgeting (petty cash), accounting and balance sheet, calculate, plan, organize and implement events and make the accounting afterwords
  • Valet know-how including Lifestyle of a Gentleman, pack and unpack suitcases, dress codes, handle with multimedia
  • Personal Management and communication f.e. intercultural communication, dealing with staff, search, hire and fire staff, interview-training, set up borders, dealing respekful with difficult guests or challenging situations,
  • Etiquette & protocol
  • Household-Management (part 2 – cleaning aspects) care of fine table Linnen and other high-quality textiles or materials (chandeliers), iron, dry-clean, product know-how
  • livestock farming and animal care
  • Education and dealing with (challenging) childs or teenagers
  • Special issues Cigars, Champagne-Sabrage, working as a chauffeur, security know-how, horticulture and yard maintenance, acting lessons, rhetoric, conflict management

Our curriclum will be extended and updated regularly. Please have a look at this site from time to time.


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