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career chance: looking for a new perspective – ever thought of becoming a butler?

There are phases in life, where you feel that something has to change. Your daily routine has led you to the not-too-pleasant feeling that a bore-out might easily show at the horizon. Yet another week, another month, another year at the same office, surrounded by the same colleagues, communicating with the same type of clients. If this sounds like hell to you – why don´t you do something about it and head for a new field, by attending Edumondi – the German butler school?

Me, a butler, are you sure?

men wear a shirt and cufflinksThe interesting thing about some jobs is that people underrate them or have a wrong concept of them, maybe created by the media. So, if you think about the job a butler does it may well be that you think in a one-dimensional way. A butler opens the door to guests, he takes their coats, offers a tray on which champagne in small glasses is waiting to be drunk by spoilt people. But, this concept is quite wrong, and if you are now in the position to be eager to try out something completely different, you may be rewarded with a nice surprise. What is life as a butler or butlerette really about, and would such a life appeal to you? You will find out by contacting us.

An option for you: becoming the organizer, the presence behind the scene

If you take a closer look at what Edumondi holds in store for you, you will realize that the life resp. the job of a butler is interesting, versatile, and rewarding, all in one. It you opt for such a training, you can expect to enter a world you had no idea it existed – or only a very vague idea. You may become part, and definitely an important part, of a world that is characterized by style, but also by a substantial amount of organization, getting things done in time. So, if you would describe yourself as a good organizer and someone who is flexible and quick, the option of becoming a butler might just be your thing.

Your talents and your experience count

cocktails an der bar

cocktails an der bar

If you take stock of where your professional talents lie you will discover – maybe much to your own surprise – that a lot of them may be perfect assets for a later job in “butlering”. Accuracy, a friendly nature, good manners, respect for other people, all this and a lot more count in this job.


So, take your talents and go for a new life – as a butler!


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