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Over 35 and a new career? Become Butler with EDUMONDI

There could be more than one reason to start a new career in your life as butler. One is for sure that you could expect excellent job chances in this professional field. A second might be that you find a very rewarding profession. Also, in contrast to other professional fields some coming of Age is far more an advantage than a disadvantage. So you are over 35? Just the right age to start a new life as butler. Be prepared for more than just earning a living – which could be another reason to become a butler. You get to know interesting people and might see different countries, wonderful locations as fine hotels and cruise ships. So we have already found six reasons to get started with this new profession. Your dreams might come true. The German Butlerschool is your partner to start into an exciting new life.

Butler/Butleresse – what is it all about?

This profession – in former times it was more a kind of rank in the household – goes back to the person who was in charge of the wine and bottles. You still recognize this in the word “Butler” which has been derived from the English word bottle and the French word bouteille. So in the European Middle Ages, the “Butler” was the bottle bearer. This position steadily developed into a kind position near the crown, a high rank in the household. The classic British Butler became the idol of excellence in this field and represented the overall loyal member of the household, being the unchallenged expert in the fields of etiquette, wine, food, glassware, literature and much more.

A respected person, sometimes even feared by his employer because the butler knew everything about him. While “the Butler” has been naturally male for a long time, the female version “Butleresse” has equal rights today.

Butler/Butleresse – what does it mean today?

Of course you should bring along certain attitudes, virtues and personal traits of character. Energy, passion and commitment are essential to take a new position as somebody who serves. Serving in this context is understood as a willingly decision not as a dull duty. Can you listen carefully? Can you anticipate needs in advance before they are uttered openly? Is it easy for you to be patient? These are some of the most important virtues. Then loyalty and discretion are indispensable – even in modern times. Also intelligence and a broad general knowledge are helpful too. You should have a service mentality and kind of joy in working with people. A deeper experience of life is quite advantageous.

EDUMONDI – what can we do for you?

We offer a highly sophisticated education which includes all aspects of being a Butler/Butleresse. Theory is accompanied by practical parts. Our all-inclusive offer gives you the opportunity to get accustomed to people and locations of your new professional world. Get to know first-class restaurants and hotels. You will learn how to manage a household, what etiquette means today and what there is to know about fine foods and wine. There is much more in the curriculum. A three-Piece uniform will perfectionize your education from your outward experience at the German Butlerschool and might add the finishing touch as Butler/Butleresse.

Find out more about our Curriculum or the history of the butler Profession.

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