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Butler education in Germany

A new trade full of unexpected chances

If you opt for an interesting chance on the job market that will provide you with a variety of skills, the northern German butlerschool is the place to turn to. In the course of a couple of weeks you will reach a level of knowledge concerning the tasks a butler or butleresse has to fulfill, that will net you with some extraordinary options – worldwide. If you have so far thought about butlers as being servants, you had better think twice. The profession of a butler has become a modern, versatile and definitely fascinating “bunch” of tasks that will address several elements of your personality.

A well-known institution: the German Butlerschool Edumondi


Business team brainstorming using color labels on table in office

Butler students brainstorming

At this butlerschool, you will get the chance to learn in small groups everything that the Job requires. This is not, however, restricted to mere theory. You will rather enter the world of the rich and famous while doing your training. You will thus get a first-hand glimpse of what lies ahead once you have finished your training. The German Butler Academy provides of excellent connections, which you can benefit from. You will be taken to high-class hotels, restaurants and mansions where your clients will be present the way you will find them later on. Get to know them as a student, and you are well prepared for the type of clients you will serve in future. All the while, you will be “taken by the hand”, things will be explained and possible problematic aspects will be addressed.


Learn – while it is safe

A special school for service oriented, ambitious people. This butlerschool will turn you into a proper gentleman or lady. Like a raw diamond you will be treated and made fit to serve the most demanding customers – with a smile. This smile can be obtained if you know what to do under every possible condition. You will be shown, among other things, how to manage a whole household or just the setting of a festive room. You will also learn how to make conversation, the essence of a polite, respectful relation with your future clients. The programme is versatile, so you will be “entertained” while doing the course. Be prepared for some new experiences and insights!

Restaurants, wineries, luxury hotels – a trip through the world of the rich


Fotolia_91847528_sIn order to know abut the world your clients live in, you will be taken to some highly respectable places whose names you may have read about, but never dreamed of actually entering. Now is the chance, and as a student of the German butler academy, you will go to places worth remembering – and re-visiting as a butler. The academy is situated near the port town of Hamburg which features a great number of high-class venues. Get a foot in the door, so to speak, and take a look at your future workplace. You need not be nervous, however, for your trainer will always be at your side so that you get more and more comfortable and familiar with this world.

The diploma has been passed!

After the training has been completed and your exams have been passed, you may call yourself a certified butler or butleresse. you can be sure that the German butler school has a very good reputation Europe-wide, so that a number of doors will open for you. All you have to do is step through them and start putting to practice what you have learned in the seminars. You have made the right choice, that much is clear, for your life will take a completely new turn.

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