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Butler education in Europe

The world lies at your feet

The training provided at the butler school reflects the idea of a modern globalised world. This can be understood in this sense: The participants come from all over Europe, learn and communicate, then set out to the world again. What they learn is not only practical skills such as household management or food and drinks but acting internationally. So a crew is being formed that could conquer the world – as butlers.

A good butler is a true global player

Portrait of handsome smiling barista with coffee cup in the cafeThe future clients – hotels, private employers, top notch restaurants – will be found all over the world. So, the future butler is definitely more than a servant, he is someone with a sense of internationalism. At the butler school life is colourful and diverse, just like life outside this cocoon. People from Spain meet people from Canada, and they have one aim: to become good butlers, household managers and a pleasant company to their future employers.

The future is bright – and international

The particular thrill of the butler education lies in its providing a “the sky is the limit” idea. Whoever undergoes such a training does not know where he will end. But wherever the later jobs and countries are he is well prepared for diversity. This training does not stop at simple household chores but broadens the scope. People who open their minds will be prepared for anything coming along. and this flexibility makes them so very precious for their future employers.

The global family

Excited students presenting their countries with flagsInteraction, mingling – these are keywords in any branch. But with butlers it is an aspect that attracts applicants. I want to travel the world – and earn money. My future job will be in France, England and who knows where. And the scope does not limit itself to Europe. A well trained butler with good manners and language skills can go everywhere. Behind the courses on household Management and questions of style lies a different idea. The candidates will turn into true Europeans if not world citizens.

Employers like versatile people

The step to start such a training seems a small one. But undergoing this training results in a personal development of truly international dimensions. The butler is a new breed that reflects the idea of the global village. Let him come in – and be prepared for a nice surprise! Here comes a world class butler for the modern world!

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