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Butler academy Edumondi – the German butler school


There are professions that will always be in demand. Without a doubt, the profession of butler is one of these, even though many people know this discreet all-rounder only as a TV or movie character. Of course there are butlers in real life, too. Thanks to their many different abilities and skills, butlers are true all-rounders who fulfil functions such as personal assistant, manager, chauffeur, concierge, interpreter, bodyguard, gardener and many others for their employers. In other words: being a butler is as demanding as it is varied; it is therefore ideal for anyone looking an unusual challenge who can bring the most important prerequisites to the job: loyalty, respectability, discipline and a well-groomed appearance. Add organisation skills like a manager and foreign language skills like an interpreter to this mix, and this person is perfectly equipped for life as a future butler. Some of these skills are certainly simply elements of someone’s individual personality; many others, however, can be learnt at a training school for butlers or a similar institution, for example at Edumondi.

Butler academy Germany: more than just a training school for butlers

cocktails an der bar

There are quite a few butler training schools in the world. However, Germany’s national academy for butlers in Stade differs from other institutions in many ways. The eight-week training course is held in several locations. This allows the participants to gain an insight into the different places where they might be working later on even though they are still only learning. Also popular besides villas and palaces are private jets, cruise ships and luxury yachts. As the school is conveniently close to the major cities of Hamburg and Berlin, it also offers an opportunity for trips away lasting several days in order to enjoy a variety of entertainment there for a change to perfectly offset the demanding daily training routine at the Academy. During these trips, the participants are given the chance to try out their recently acquired skills straight away, and to stand their ground “in real life”. A look behind the scenes of a 5-star superior service luxury hotel is as much a part of this as tasting fine wines and visiting a renowned gentlemen’s outfitters or a fashion designer’s shop.

After graduation – Recruitment agency

Hotel-Atlantic-KempinskiOnce they have completed their training, the course participants are employed at numerous events such as dinners or banquets. If they choose to, they can also complete a paid internship here (up to a maximum of one year) in order to hone the skills they have learnt and increase their expertise and to apply both in practice. At Edumondi, the contents of the training areas hygiene, oenology, alcoholic beverages or style advice are more wide-ranging and addressed in more detail than at other similar institutions, not least thanks to the carefully selected teachers and instructors who are characterised by their in-depth expertise and decades of experience in their jobs as managers and all-rounders. They pass their comprehensive expert knowledge in all areas important for the work of a butler on to the participants. This includes food & beverage expertise, table setting and household management, as well as travelling, personal management and communication skills. An extremely important element on the training schedule is the topic of “etiquette and protocol”. Both of these play a major role in later working life, regardless of the actual workplace – they are essential basic requirements for any manager and allrounder in their job as a butler.

Length of training course according to individual needs

IMG_4329To meet the individual needs of the course participants, the length of the training programme can vary accordingly. The course is essentially designed to run for up to 10 weeks; You may choose between full oder part time courses. After graduation you can then immediately enter the employment market as a butler with a wide range of skills.

Always wanted to be a butler? Get your dream job with Edumondi!

Whether you have just graduated from university, already work in the hospitality or healthcare industry, or whether you are simply interested in learning something about style and etiquette or thinking of a career change – the German Butler school offers a broad and varied training programme for future butlers. Unlike other training providers, Edumondi attaches the utmost importance to providing training that is as comprehensive as possible with detailed contents that are taught in different locations in keeping with the concept of hands-on, “real life” training situations.

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