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Flower arrangements

Flowers, nice things - the first impression counts You know the proverbial saying that you never get a second chance ...
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Servile James - a thing of the past

Servile James - a "thing" of the past? James is the proverbial butler, turning up in films or novels set ...
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Diary of a butler student

Unexpected events and many exciting insights - how I became a butler I made up my mind to become a ...
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Historical development of the Butler

Working as a butler in the modern sense, means to pursue a relatively young profession. But the roots of the ...
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The concept of Butlers

Household Manager in the special kind: Butler or Butleresse Even renowned reference explain the concept and the profession of Butler ...
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Six reasons to consider a career change after 35 as Butler

Over 35 and a new Career? Become Butler with the German Butler Academy ...
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Butler education in Germany

A new trade full of unexpected chances If you opt for an interesting chance on the job market that will ...
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Welcome - Grüezi- bienvenue - Willkommen - добро пожаловать

Our Homepage has become multi-lingual. Please come and have a closer look at our pages. Meanwhile we can greet our ...
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A headstart in life

Modern schools may be well equipped as to labs and computers and may provide quite a good start in life ...
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How to reach a billionaire's life

Lifestyle, wealth, and culture - viewed and experienced first hand If the lifestyle of the UHNWI's attracts you no end, ...
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