How to reach a billionaire's life

Lifestyle, wealth, and culture – viewed and experienced first hand

If the lifestyle of the UHNWI’s attracts you no end, you have different options to get a glimpse of their paradise-like life. You can either save enough money to afford a lifestyle of luxury and fortune or marry a millionaire. The first option may leave you a bit disappointed if your current salary is more on a modest level. The second option seems only an option for a minority of people, since there simply are not enough millionaires to go around to cater to everyone. Still, there is always another option, namely to get close to the wealthy peole, the UHNWI, who you so admire. How do you go about? Becoming a Butler or the female butleresse might be the answer.

Culture and wealth – your everyday diet

As a household manager, a valet or a butleresse you will get very close to the world of the rich and famous. If you do a training at the German Butler Academie your chances of getting very close to the UHNWI’s world are enormous. It is clear that only very rich people are able to employ a valet,
a butler or a household manager – and pay them adequately. As a valet you will quite naturally mix with peole you only admired at a distance before, prominent people, stars of the screen or the stage or the millionaire everyone refers to in your neighbourhood. Now, this world lies in front of you. take a step, come closer. what you see may be a big surprise for you.

The high class world of UHNWI

As a butler or butleresse, you will be an important person who runs the household at ease and knows what has to be done when things get really hectic. Very soon, your employer, will not be able to do without you. So, your aim to reach a millionaire is there, right in front of you, something you may have dreamed about but never considered to become true. Your new employer may be everything from a young heir to a fortune, a pop star or movie celebrity to a hard working self-made man or woman. Get to know the different types of employers. You can learn a lot, above all thing that even millionaires are human beings, after all.

Reaching the millionaire status yourself

If the lifestyle and the wealthiness of these people still make you a bit jealous, you had better think twice. For, as a valet or a butleresse you may one day be a millionaire, yourself. After finishing the training at the academy you may count on getting some really well-paid jobs. According to some surveys, an annual income of 67.000,- EURO plus is possible. Once you have reached a certain level of experience, though, you may easily demand a much higher salary, An annual income of up to 150.000,- EURO. in some cases, sums as high as 250.000,- EURO can be expected, not counting bonuses and other social benefits. If you act in a clever way, you may one day be a millionaire yourself!

Stop admiring other people´s lifestyle or culture – get closer!

Wealth and fortune open many doors, and they allow a lifestlye of culture and finesse. As a household manager you will no longer just admire other people´s wealth, but learn where this wealth comes from, and how hard it can be at times to earn and keep it. Do not expect to enter a world of sheer glamour, a world where peple just bathe in money. Millionaires are after all, human beings who have to struggle, too. As a household manager you may get a good glimpse behind the scene, though. Get ready for an interesting experience. And, in case your plan is to become a millionaire yourself, you can watch closely. After all, mistakes are there to be learned from, not to be repeated!


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