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If you opt for an education as Butler or Butleresse, you should compare thoroughly the conditions. Edumondi offers the most various, diversified and practice-oriented curriculum Europe-wide.

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Find out more about our training program schedules, our extensive curriculum, the conditions for our full-time (up to 12 weeks) or part-time courses and your career chances on the job market.

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Graduate reviews

Vivien from Luxemburg

I spent eight weeks at the German Butler school together with a few well-chosen students from other countries – and we all became friends during this intensive and exceptional training program. In fact it was most challenging but on the other hand unbelievably rewarding. I am convinced that the complete change of mindset and attitude towards service will enrich the rest of your life as it did to me. I am very thankful having been a part of this group. After succesful graduation I gained a worthwile employment back home.

Francois Martinaud de Nancy (France)

Edumondi completely turned my life upside down. The huge variety of field trips made the eight weeks pass quickly and keeped the tension up. If coming students are interested in butling training I hope they will make their research well and find out that – in fact – there is no alternative compared to the German butler school because the curriculum is incomparable to none. During the last weeks I recognized that I would need more time to understand what I have learned and – I was offered a cost-free prolongation of two weeks – food, beverage and accomodation inclusive. After graduation I decided to take advantage of a 3 month internship to further and deepen my knowledge.

Beno Pavlov (Bulgaria)

For eight weeks I was part of a real family in a real working home as well as in wealthy surroundings in 5 star hotels and on a luxury yacht. Under these circumstances I was part of the most exclusive butling training program of the world – second to none – and I gained knowledge and technical skills as well as the mindset to deliver the highest level of service. I am proud to have succesfully graduated as Butler and to be an ambassador of the German Butler Academy. I will always owe deep gratitude to the Academy because I did not only learn how to become a Butler but I was also taught how to become a better version of myself every day of my life. With support of the recruitment department of Edumondi I got a worthwile position as Maitre d´hotel in a five star hotel. My wages are far beyond what I have ever imagined.